January 2017

John Purcell Paper continue to expand the extensive range of papers and boards that are available from stock from their south London warehouse. The range of mill branded papers and boards from the paper mills at Arches, Canson, Fabriano, Hahnemuhle, Magnani, St. Cuthbert's (Somerset), Zerkall and others is regularly updated in response to our customers' needs. In addition, there is an ever growing range of papers and boards

manufactured to our specification including archival papers, book papers, museum and conservation boards and Gemini Olympic Mill Board. Imported decorative and conservation papers from Japan, Korea, Nepal, China and Mexico are also available from stock. We continue to welcome visitors to our sample room at 15 Rumsey Road. Please note that it is available Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.30pm.

Our 2016 price list is still available as a pdf. Due to regular changes throughout the year, we did not produce a paper version.

We are now working on our 2017 price list.

There are many new products, some deletions and for the first time in many years some serious price increases.

Our paper mills have already given us price increases for 2017.

We expect our new prices to start from the 1st of March 2017.

If you need information on a specific product before we publish, please ask us .

Some of the changes are:

We have added new hand made papers to our stock range made by Gangolf Ulbriht in Berlin. The Magnani Mill has restarted with a new product range. New stocks should be available during the year.

We now have stock of Revere Black in 250 and 300gsm made at Magnani.

The range of printmaking papers available from stock from the Arches mill has been reduced. As we still have some stock of discontinued items, our advice is to check availability with us for Velin Arches Blanc, Velin Arches Creme, BFK Rives and Moulin du Gue.

Canson Edition Black has been discontinued.

We have added Somerset White Velvet in 56 x 76 cms 160 and 200 gsm Somerset Warm White Velvet 400 gsm to our range.

Manufacture of Somerset Velvet Black has become a problem due to technical issues.
For the moment, this item is not available.

We have added Somerset Tub Sized Satin Radiant White 152.4 x 102.5 cms 410 gsm to our stock range.

The 1.83 metre wide rolls of Heritage Rag have been discontinued. They have been replaced by 1.68 metre wide rolls.

Saunders Waterford HP has been changed.

We have goood stocks of the 56 x 76 cms size in all weights with two natural deckled and two torn deckled edges. When these items are sold, the new stock will be a smoother HP with two natural deckled edges and two cut edges. The old version has a dedicated watermark in the sheet. The new version has a running watermark along one long edge.

Canson Infinity is being rebranded. Please check with us about availability.

Some Japanese Papers have been discontnued and many new ones added. Please check with us re availability.

We have a new large size of Newsprint 101.6 x 152.4 cms. The paper is rolled in 100 sheets packs.

Somerset White Velvet 76 x 112 cms 650 gsm. Stock Code SOV601 This new addition to the Somerset range has one deckled edge and is unwatermarked.

Great Western Letterpress This is a 100% Cotton Letterpress paper, 66 x 84 cms 650 gsm Radiant White. Stock code is GREAT1

Landor Grey. This is a pre consumer recycled board with a light textured surface. It is acid free and buffered., 76 x 112 cms 350 gsm. Stock Code is LAN351

South Bank Book Smooth. This is a fourdrinier machine made white book paper. it is acid free and buffered.There are four items in the range:

SOUB121 45 x 64 cms 120 gsm SOUB122 70 x 100 cms 120 gsm SOUB161 45 x 64 cms 160 gsm SOUB162 70 x 100 cms 160 gsm

We have added 75 x 105 cms 640gsm HP Fabriano Artistico Extra White to our range, stock code FAX60H2

We have added 61 x 86cms 130 gsm Stockwell Cartridge to our range, Stock Code STA113R

Heritage Rag 300gsm is available in sheets and rolls.

Saunders Waterford High White is now available from stock

Sketch Books. Availability of our sketch books containing Saunders Waterford watercolour paper has been improved. This is the traditional white shade of the paper. We now have good stocks of the complete range in A5, A4 and A3.

Fabriano mill have made some changes. Production changes mean that new stocks of Fabriano Artistico are now Short Grain with 2 deckled edges and 2 cut edges. We still have some stocks of the previous specification i.e Long Grain with 2 deckled and 2 torn edges. The Fabriano Ingres range has been changed with many colours discontinued. When current stocks are sold, they cannot be replaced. Fabriano White Ecological Paper is now in stock.

Hahnemuhle have made a number of changes summarised as follows: When stocks are sold, 20 sheet and 50 sheet boxes will be discontinued and replaced with 25 sheet boxes. Details are available on the relevant webpages. We still have some stocks of the range boxed in 20's or 50's for which we have made a special price. Details are available on request. A new range "Harman by Hannemuhle" has been launched. It consists of Gloss Baryta, Gloss Baryta Warmtone, Matt Cotton Smooth and Textured, Gloss Art Fibre and Gloss Art Fibre Warmtone all available in sheets and rolls. Samples are available on request.

We comment that our Archival Papers have a full Archival specification. We have updated the Photographic Activity Test information as follows:

Heritage Museum Board, Heritage Conservation Board, Heritage Woodfree, JPP Archival Kraft, Manilla and Cover, JPP Archival Folding Boxboard, Meridian High Density Board, Argentia and JPP Acid Free Blotting comply with Photographic Activity Test PAT(Per ISO18916).

The following is a summary of the changes to individual pages:

We have added two new items of JPP Archival Kraft:
AKS121 76.5 x 102 cms 120 gsm Sand
AKG128 88 x 126 cms 120 gsm Blue-Grey

We have made some special sizes recently of Somerset Tub Sized Satin and have stocks of the following:
SOTSS5 152.4 x 244.0 cms 410 gsm
SOTSS9 145.0 x 185.0 cms 600 gsm

The range of colours of Canson Miteintes (Coloured, Book and Drawing Papers) in roll form has been cut back.
There are now only MIB335 White and MIB425 Black

We have corrected the information on Saunders Waterford Traditional White rolls (Watercolour and Drawing Papers):
SA19 H3 The rolls are 100 metres
SA35N3 The rolls are 91 metres
SA63N3 The rolls are 40 metres
There is a new entry:
SA63H2 1.52 m x 40 m 638gsm HP

We have added one new item of South Bank Smooth;
SOU313 70 x 100 cms 310 gsm

We have added one new item of Fabriano Accademia:
FAACR2 1.5m x 10m 120 gsm

We continue to have good stock availability of all or our machine made Archival papers and boards. The JPP Archival Kraft, Manilla and Cover and JPP Archival Boxboard are all available from stock in a choice of Blue-Grey, Sand and Brown. Heritage Museum Board, Heritage Conservation Board, Meridian High Density Board, Heritage Rag and Argentia are all available from stock. Gemini Olympic Mill Board is now available in 100 x 140 cms in 2.3 and 2.8mm thickness.

We have a new printmaking paper:
Albion Cotton available in 76.2 x 102 cms and 152.4 x 102.5 cms 400 gsm

We have added 76 x 56 cms 300 gsm Bockingford Hot Pressed to the range

We have added five new items of Japanese Ink Jet Paper on the roll:
JIJ235 111.8 cms x 15 metres 40 gsm Mitsumata
JIJ315 111.8 cms x 15 metres 70 gsm Kozo Thin White
JIJ325 111.8 cms x 15 metres 70 gsm Kozo Thin Natural
JIJ335 111.8 cms x 15 metres 110gsm Kozo Thick White
JIJ345 111.8 cms x 15 metres 110 gsm Kozo Thick Natural