Conservation and Repair Papers


This is a wide range made with full archival specification. The off white sheets are copies from bookpapers of 1700-1830. The finely coloured sheets are matches of endpapers and pamphlet covers manufactured between 1760-1830. They are also suitable for drawing, letterpress and fine book production.

Coloured Endpapers & Covers
In general the earlier blues were formed on laid moulds and the later browns and reds formed on the wove moulds. Those styles have been repeated in these sheets. Colouring is mainly by high quality pigments. Some of the deeper colours, loaded with pigments like the originals, are not very strong and pasting must be done with care.

Limehouse Ledger
This is hand made with 60% cotton, 40% linen. It is surface sized with gelatine, ivory white.

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